Welcome to The Family Roost.

We are a family business (John, Beth, Jenni, Emily, and John Anthony) that began when John (our dad) started his own woodworking business in 1992, where he designed and built furniture, and various small wooden items for the home. Each item was inspired by his childhood memories growing up at Lake Geneva, Wisconsin and it was reflected in the rustic and simple farm style of the earlier decades. His products were sold at different craft shows, small stores, and Country Living Samplers throughout the United States. During this time, all three of us kids grew up helping out in many ways and even enjoyed sharing new ideas for his handmade creations.

Fast forward to 2015, and us kids have grown up. We needed an outlet from our professional careers and decided to check off a bucket list dream of working together alongside our parents to bring handmade and vintage decor items to the Midwest and beyond! We started out in the beginning and sold our items at one show and most recently, we have traveled to 14 locations in Illinois, Michigan, and Ohio. We also sell at The Found Cottage in Hudsonville, Michigan. 

The best part about being in a family business is combining each of our different strengths together to deliver and share our vision with our customers each season. We love to meet and build relationships with our customers and value the feedback you share. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us with comments or questions at thefamilyroost@gmail.com Thank you for supporting our dreams and for inspiring us to continue creating and sharing unique home decor items with you.